First impressions begin from the moment the customer makes the decision to enter your Store.

To ensure the overall customer experience is exciting and memorable for the store visitors, it is essential to maintain a clean, tidy, and professional space. A positive customer experience will be influenced by the overall retail environment and has a direct impact on the purchasing behavior of clientele. A clean retail space will attract and engage your market, and potentially increase the likelihood of customer purchases, return visits, and customer recommendations.

In a retail environment, constant attention is required in common areas, dressing rooms, and comfort room facilities. Dingy and untidy spaces could mean customers might avoid trying on clothing items which in turn reduces the likelihood of purchase. Cleanliness offers a perception of respect, consideration, and pride. Having a tidy and clean environment shows and underpins the stores values.

With cleanliness being such an important element in the overall success of the retail business, it may be appropriate to outsource your cleaning requirements to a professional commercial cleaner. Keep in mind that any signs of a less-than-clean business will be noticed and remembered forever. A professional retail cleaning service will ensure that the job is done professionally and at the highest standard.

GES Retail Store Maintenance Cleaning Checklist

The jobs on retail store maintenance cleaning schedules can be modified depending on the availability and store hours but we recommend to always including these 10 must-do jobs:

1. Overhead Dusting

Dust the tops of cabinets and door jams. Most areas can be accessed with long-handled dusters, but a ladder is the safest way to reach ceiling fans, fire sprinklers, and smoke detectors. Dust light diffusers, light fixtures, bulbs, air vent grates, and the top of entertainment hutches.

2. Walls, Baseboards and Doors

Dust and clean baseboards and walls. Clean switch plates, wall outlets, and charging stations. Wipe down doors on both sides including frames, knobs, locks, and hinges.

3. Windows, Sills, Mirror, Glass and Frames

Vacuum window tracks to remove dust and debris. Clean and polish windows, mirror, and glass in- and outside where accessible. Clean sills and wipe down frames and hardware.

4. Blinds and Drapes

Take down blinds and drapes before cleaning windows. Polish rods, hooks, and pulls. Wash blinds with mild detergent to remove built-up film and use a hand vacuum to clean drapes.

5. Clothing Rack, Display Shelves, Tables and Drawers

Dust and wipe clothing racks, display shelves, and inside drawers paying special attention to those hard-to-reach corners. Wipe down tables and cashier area. Remove drawers and clean underneath as well as checking for scuffs and smudges.

6. Upholstery and Trim

Vacuum and clean furnishing with special attention to deep spaces between cushions. Check for stains and treat with spot remover. Extract dust and dirt from sofa and chairs. Clean wood trim and other woodwork with furniture polish or wood oil. Polish and shine metal.

7. Rugs, Moveable and Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Everyday use may result to not only looking filthy, but can also cause itchy, irritating reactions for employees, clients, or guests. Stain removal, vacuuming, shampooing, and extracting dust, dirt, and grime from the upholstery and carpet. Highly effective impregnation which protects all textile surfaces and delays subsequent soiling.

8. Comfort Room

Thorough cleaning of the comfort room. Check and remove residue of grout, paint, and cement on floor and walls. Wipe and sanitize the toilet, fixtures, handles, washbasin, and countertop.

9. Flooring

Deep cleaning, stripping, waxing, polishing, and crystallization of natural stone floorings, ceramic tiles, concrete, wooden, and elastic floorings (e.g. PVC, Linoleum, and Rubber).

10. Exterior

Cleaning the exterior is also important to overcome the power of nature to destroy. Once nature takes over, the structure will start to deteriorate. Mildew and mold, once it gets hold, can damage your paint, materials, and surfaces. Proper cleaning of entrance area and walkway can prolong and preserve the property structure. Likewise, reducing the weathering process and eliminate insects, debris, and undesirable natural stain. Improved overall curb appeal further increases customers’ enjoyment and satisfaction of the premises.

"Cleanliness and presentation in a retail environment has a direct influence on a shopper’s decision to make a purchase."



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